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Shopback – Best Rebate Website

Who doesn’t love online shopping? When pay day approaches, most of us browse a non-work related website such as Lazada to look for a sale. Yes, we increase the purchasing power of our money when we aim for discounted prices. But since the rebate system is just new here in the Philippines, as a financial advisor, I’d like to advocate that we can further increase our money’s purchasing power by going through a rebate or cashback website such as Shopback. Of course, we do want to spend a portion of our income to some little splurges. This post will feature this site and I’ll also give some of my insights. Maybe, after reading this, you might also want to start using this site to get discounts plus rebates. How good is that?! I also Pera Swipe which also gives rewards for every swipe.

Shopback Icon

What is Shopback?

Shown on the image below is their tagline and they briefly explained how they’re able to give us cashback.

Shop Smart. Save Smart. Live Smart

What is Shopback


Why Should I Trust Shopback?

They partnered with the most trusted online shopping merchants in the country and around the globe. They have also been featured across different websites which proves that it’s one of a kind website that could benefit us Filipinos, trusted by Filipinos.


Why Should I Use Shopback?

If you’re a online shop discount lover, you would also love the idea of getting back a portion of the money you have already spent shopping online!


There are virtually hundred’s of shopping categories to choose from with Shopback. You name it, they have it! Online shopping can also save you time. It may not make you rich but at least your money went a long way.

Featured Stores


Home & Living

Health and Beauty





How Do I Use Shopback

Each time you click a merchant, you will be seeing a pop-up message that will give you an idea of how much cashback you’ll be getting depending on your purchase.


Overview Page

Visuals on how you can use ShopBack were also shown on their site.

How to Use Shopback

How Do I Withdraw my Cashback?

You can choose from different cashout options available once you have reached their minimum threshold of P300.00. Not bad for extra pocket money, right?

Cashout Options

A Youtube video about ShopBack was shown here.

What if I Still Have Questions About Shopback?

FAQs page was also available on their website.


My Insights About ShopBack:

I always use ShopBack when purchasing from different online retailer stores like Lazada or Agoda. Their website is attractive and easy to use. They also track all the purchases I’ve made, the sites that I’ve checked and the cashback I’ve earned.

Click Activity

Cashback Activity

They also accept my preferred cashout method, which makes it easier for me to get payouts.

Cashback Balance Page

How Do I Earn Extra Income with ShopBack?

Cashback is generous enough to give both you and your referrals P100.00 upon registration (conditions apply). So by promoting this website to your friends or family, not only you have encouraged them to shop smarter, you are able to help them receive payouts faster by giving them a boost. You can find details of their referral program here.

Referral Program

Referral Program Information

Referral Program Summary

That’s it, Crypt-o-financers! If you find the content of this post valuable, feel free to share this post to your friends or followers. Thank you for your time reading the entire post. As a gift, you’ll be getting P100.00 cashback if you sign up using this link to help you get started in taking advantage and enjoying the power of discounts plus rebates. You can thank me later.

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As I feel that I would like to be more personal in sharing my journey towards financial freedom. Next week, I’ll be posting about what me made me decide to work as a Financial Advisor. It’s a unique kind and humbling endeavor for me. I’d like to share my insights on this kind of work to others who may want to do something different and also may be willing to take challenges, as this kind of profession is something that can change you, your life and other people’s lives. In the future, I’m also looking forward to share with you my experiences and adventures. Stay tuned!

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