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Hashflare Review – Best Cloud Mining Site

Happy Saturday Crypt-o-financers! I will be busy soon as a Financial Advisor. But before that happens, I’d like to share my investment experience in the cloud mining site Hashflare. I’ll tell you how this changed my life forever. To know more about cloud mining, I’ve made a review on this post.

From Hashcoins, they are based in Tallinn, Estonia. I started investing in Hashflare around 2015 after I fell prey from Coinsera (blog post here). Here’s a quick overview of features of Hashflare.


How it works is also explained briefly.

How it works

Before, prices of cloud mining contracts started at $17.80. Here, you can see current contracts and their pricing available at Hashflare.

Hashflare Pricing for Litecoin and Bitcoin Mining

Hashflare ETH, Zcash and DASH Mining

I felt good that time because for that amount, I’ve experienced passive income through small bitcoin amounts credited to my account daily. This is where you can see your daily balances in BTC, ETH, DASH and ZCASH. I invested in all these contract types because I believe in diversification which means not putting all eggs in one basket, but instead, putting eggs in different baskets.

Here’s how their purchase history page looks like:

Purchase History Page

Here’s how their account balance dashboard looks like:

Bitcoin Mining (Scrypt and SHA-256) Balance Page

BTC Mining Pools and Revenue Calculation

Ether Mining

Ethereum Revenue Calculation

Dash Mining

Dash Revenue Calculation


Zcash Mining

Zcash Revenue Calculation

I took the risk investing in Hashflare but I guess it’s all worth it. I was able to withdraw more than what I have invested. Bitcoin mining gave me decent return of investment, while Ethereum and Dash mining gave me huge returns ($1,400.00 in ETH and $400.00 in DASH-at their present value)! Here’s how their withdrawal history page looks like.

Withdrawal History Page

Just be aware though of their increased withdrawal limits:

Bitcoin – 0.03004968 BTC

Ethereum – 0.1006 ETH

Dash – 0.1003 DASH

Zcash – 0.1003 ZEC

They also have a referral program that gives incentives for every new sign-ups and registrations. They also provide banner ads that you can use if you have a blog or website.

Referral Program

Hashflare Referral Program Details

So that’s it! This just shows that it’s really possible to earn a decent amount of income which may exceed our regular income through cloud mining. If you’re interested in also trying cloud mining, see for yourself how it works and to experience earning passively, you can click this link to start your registration and purchase process. Again, this is an investment site. Sorry, it’s not free here but if you’re lucky, you can also get pure profits. You can also click the ad on the right.

I hope you enjoy reading through this and I’m looking forward to write more about cloud mining and digital currencies. I hope that I was still able to take time writing about these kind of websites. Please wish me luck on my new career as well as a financial advisor. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Hashflare Review – Best Cloud Mining Site

  1. Berna says:

    Though it still seems a bit technical for me but I always find it interesting when you described it.
    Congratulations in your new endeavor as a financial advisor Nikko😄

    1. Hi Mommy Berna! Thanks for reading the entire post. I totally agree, talking about cloud mining is like your given a reading assignment by your IT course professor and next day you’ll have a graded recitation, haha. However, despite it being technical and complicated, cloud mining used to be, if not currently, a profitable investment. A lot of scam sites operate like cloud mining sites though. I’m just lucky that I was able to reach ROI at Hashflare which greatly helped me recover from my previous losses. My next week’s post will be a trip to another planet with aliens (it will be my first sponsored content with a partner site, though). On my next posts, I hope that I’ll be able to share new insights from my new life as a financial advisor. Happy weekend!

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