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I’m Nikko Tigas, BS Publlic Health Graduate and Medical Technologist. I worked for the BPO Industry for almost 5 years. After falling prey to some investment scams, I have tried to look for other online income earning opportunities with minimal to no little investment. Some worked out, some did not. When I finally recovered from the losses, I have decided to put up this blog to share my experiences to you, hoping that you’ll be able to make wise decisions when it comes to investing. I’m a crypto enthusiast and an aspiring Youtuber hoping that these also will materialize soon. This blog page summarizes about who I am. To learn more, click here.

About Crypt-o-Finance.net:

This site aims to review various investment opportunities – whether they became successful to me or not. I also opted to review some mobile apps or sites that could make our lives easier or apps that turn our devices into little money or reward making machines by introducing rewards, rebates or discounts. These are based from my personal experiences using these sites/blog and I think it’s one of its kind in the Philippines as I review any site/app or investment opportunities under the sun.

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