Shopback – Best Rebate Website

Who doesn’t love online shopping? When pay day approaches, most of us browse a non-work related website such as Lazada to look for a sale. Yes, we increase the purchasing power of our money when we aim for discounted prices. But since the rebate system is just new...
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Monero Mining Overview – Privacy Mining

Happy Saturday, Crypt-o-financers! This is a follow up post to my previous blog about Monero. Most of the content of this post was provided by our content partner, Coincentral. Today, I’ll be discussing about Monero Mining. For the original article, you can also view it here. Since Monero starts...
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Hashflare Review – Best Cloud Mining Site

Happy Saturday Crypt-o-financers! I will be busy soon as a Financial Advisor. But before that happens, I’d like to share my investment experience in the cloud mining site Hashflare. I’ll tell you how this changed my life forever. To know more about cloud mining, I’ve made a review on...
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How to Spot a Scam – Learnings from my Losses

On my previous post, I have shared to you what happened when I lost a lot of money investing in scam investment instruments. Here’s some learnings I’d like to share with you. I hope that this will be helpful in identifying scams. What I Have Learned (That Might...
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Story Behind my Financial Loss

Yes – you heard it right, Invested on this. I guess saying is true, that “With great risks, comes greater loss or gains.” I still tried, because at that time, that’s the only way I know that maybe I can recover from my losses? – even by just...
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Bitcoin Mining Overview – For Starters

It’s Lenten season, but still, I decided to take inspiration to write something about Bitcoin Mining in my own words-as I understand it. I’ll be referring to Bitcoin mining most of the time. I will not discuss these how these miners work but rather the concept of mining,...
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